Legal information


Company name: M.A. Christina Wolfsbauer
Type of legal entity: sole proprietorship
Company seat: Heinestraße 24-28, stairwell 3, 1020 Vienna
tel. /fax: 0043 (1) 212 53 80
mobile phone: 0676 49 87 360


Main purpose of the website:
This website provides information on the products and services offered by our company.

Area of activity: Translation and language services agency


Member of: Vienna Economic Chamber


Vocational chapter: Traders – service providers – language services


State supervisory body under the terms of e-Commerce Act (ECG): District Municipal Council of Second District
Other supervisory bodies (under the ECG): Austrian Association of Certified Court Interpreters


Relevant provisions of commercial law and regulations governing vocational activities:
Law on Commerce, Craftsmanship and Industry of Austria
Access to the provisions of commercial law and statutes governing vocational activities:
Any special provision for practicing vocational activities can be found in the legal information system of the Federation at
VAT registration number: ATU56360146



Personal Data Protection Information


Personal Data Protection

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Information on Collected Data

You are entitled to receiving information on the type of personal data collected about you. You can receive such information by sending an e-mail to In reply to your written inquiry we shall inform you of your personal data stored with us. You have the right to withdraw at any time your consent for having your personal data processed and used by us. Following your written request, your personal data can be either modified if incorrect or immediately and completely erased from the website.



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